Category: Updates

Candy Pops (Purchase)

Today I have launched my first purchase set. This set is filled with lots and lots of the most precious sticker printables. An amazing 12 sheets kit filled with fullboxes, halfboxes and other great items […]

Ultimate Perfect Planning

My ultimate recources for Perfect Planning! Below is my list filled with lots of resources to make planning even better and cuter. I use these resources for my blog, planner and would love to share […]

Order Tracking

Hi StickerCutie ! Love to shop and need to keep track of your orders ? Noticed a request on Facebook and had to respond. Hope this helps more people to track their orders and shipping […]

AwwRR Pirates

AwwRR StickerCutie ! Being hooked to the movies “The pirates of the Carribean” I just had to make a pirate theme !. Pretty Colors combined with cute watercolor pirate images. Enjoy ! StickerCuteness Freebie Information: […]

Vintage Easter

Hi StickerCutie ! Easter normally is with Cute Chickens and Eggs. This time it is a bit more elegant. Posh colours like aqua grey and black with a chique style. Hope you like this so […]

Vintage Love

Hi StickerCutie ! I know.. Valentine has already been but I just fell in love with these pretty birds. Softone colours with a fresh watercolor style and an oh so pretty bird !. Enjoy ! […]

Kawaii Bill Due

Hello SweetiePie. Bills.. I guess there is nobody who likes receiving them  Forget to pay them can even cost you more money. With these cute Bill due stickers you will never forget to pay the […]

Kawaii Coffee

Hello SweetiePie. Coffee.. As I mentioned before I love Coffee.. but what is even cuter then Kawaii Coffee. This oh so pretty stickerset can be used to track your coffee addiction and does mix and […]

Kawaii Payday

Hello CutiePie. I love to keep track of my spending habbits and when my pay check comes in. These cute kawaii stickers help me to remember (like I would forget when it comes in LOL). […]

Kawaii Enveloppe

Hello PlannerLover. Once in a while I have to send out a important paper letter which I might forget. With these oh so cute kawaii stickers I never forget to send out the important letter. […]