How to print a pdf file?

How to print a pdf file?

So you have downloaded one of my printables and want to use it but then there is the question “How do I print a pdf file?”.  Well, that is very easy to do.

What do you need to print a pdf file?
Adobe Reader (freeware Software)
– Any Printer
– Full page sticker paper (I buy mine at Staples but you can also use regular print paper and glue)


Once you have downloaded Adobe Reader you open the program.

 Choose “File -> Open” and open the sticker files you downloaded from my site (or any other site)

– Choose “File -> Print”

– Choose your printer. I use a Canon printer. 

– Choose the third option in the menu -> Page Settings -> Custom size

– Choose your paper size. I always use letter size

Go back to your first printer settings and make sure you have your settings the same as mine below.

If you have done all the above steps you can hit your print button.

Also see my related tutorial how to cut your stickers.


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