Tag: Erin Codren

AwwRR Pirates

AwwRR StickerCutie ! Being hooked to the movies “The pirates of the Carribean” I just had to make a pirate theme !. Pretty Colors combined with cute watercolor pirate images. Enjoy ! StickerCuteness Freebie Information: […]

Vintage Easter

Hi StickerCutie ! Easter normally is with Cute Chickens and Eggs. This time it is a bit more elegant. Posh colours like aqua grey and black with a chique style. Hope you like this so […]

Vintage Love

Hi StickerCutie ! I know.. Valentine has already been but I just fell in love with these pretty birds. Softone colours with a fresh watercolor style and an oh so pretty bird !. Enjoy ! […]

Hoppin Easter 002

Hi StickerCutie ! I just thought.. you might need a matching set with the first Easter Hoppin Set. Once again filled with oh so cute bunnies and Chickens. StickerCuteness Freebie Information: The size of the printable […]

Hoppin Easter

Hi StickerCutie ! It is almost easter and what is more cute then an hoppin Easter bunny and precious chicken. This set is oh so cute and hopefully you like it too ! StickerCuteness Freebie […]


Hi StickerCutie ! I got a request from a close friend who asked me for a cute theme with dots and simple styled images. I had no clue what she wanted but come across these […]


Hi StickerCutie ! I got a request (well, even several)  for a nautical themed stickerset. This is one of the two sets I have already created and wanted to share it right away. This one […]

Color Festival

Hi StickerCutie ! Bright colors make you smile. At least that was what this set made me do when I made it !. I love the colorscheme. Being a huge stripe and dots fan I […]

Pastel Overload

Hi StickerCutie ! Pastel Colours.. as mentioned before, one of my favorites. I love to use them with kawaii themed stickers, and my stabilo pastel markers.  I even have a huge collection of pastel washi […]


Hi StickerCutie ! Bohemian Style with a quilt twist. Lovely brown with pink, purple, green and brown. Great for the dark days in february or when you want something completly different for a change. This […]