What do you need?

What do you need?

What do you need to use the stickers?

  • Any Printer
  • Silhouette Studio (Freeware Software)
  • Full page Sticker Paper (I buy mine at Staples)
  • A Silhouette or Cricut Plotter
  • or if you do not have a plotter, a simple siccor or sharp knife will also do the trick.

If you own a silhouette or Cricut, open the pdf in Silhoutte studio. Trace the boxes or use the included .sil files. Turn on registrations marks and print the sheets. After you have printed the stickers use your silhouette or cricut to cut the stickers. I use blade settings 10 and speed 10

If you do not own a Silhouette or Cricut, then still it is very easy to use and cut the stickers. Just print the pdf files on the stickersheets with your printer. ONce your are done printing, take your scissor and cut them out. Or use a knife and gently cut the lines (with the help of rules makes it easier. Make sure you only cut the sticker and not go through the back of the paper

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